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* redneck |ÈredÌnek|
nounN. Amer. informal, derogatory
a working-class white person, especially a politically reactionary one from a rural area: rednecks in the high, cheap seats stomped their feet and hooted | [ as modifier ] : a place of redneck biases.
rednecked adjective
ORIGIN from the back of the neck being sunburned from outdoor work.

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In our unique Redneck Gifts collection, we will turn over every Huntin' Camp Trailer, and stagger through acres of backwoods to bring you the very best Redneck products and Redneck snacks available by law. Rednecks come in many different forms, but they all have a common bond...proud to be a REDNECK!!

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for injury due to falling down laughter while viewing our products.

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