General Policies

Product Replacement:

Every effort will be made on our part to replace any damaged gift basket with an identical one; however, please bear in mind that because of product availability, it may be necessary to substitute certain items with products of equal or greater value. Quality is never compromised.

Any gift basket deemed "damaged" must be returned in the same carton in which it was shipped, with all original items un-opened and in original condition. Please contact us and we will arrange for the package to be returned at our expense.


Chocolate Items:

SHIP AT YOUR OWN RISK: shipping chocolate, cheese, and other candy items during the warmer months using standard ground shipping, is risky due to high heat. Please choose overnight or second day air to assure your gift arrives in the best condition. We do not guarantee damage due to high heat in the summer months or shipping to warmer climates.




Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed:

We select each basket and container with great care, but occasionally a naturally occurring variance in the basket or container may be misconstrued as an "imperfection" when in fact it is simply due to the nature of the material. e.g. wood grain or fabrics. Slight general imperfections in the basket or container are not considered "damaged". A basket will be considered "damaged” at our discretion. In addition, recycled buckets and containers may vary in age, size, and look. We can not guarantee the agedness of recycled containers.

In the event that you are dissatisfied with the content or quality of the gift basket, it will be replaced to your satisfaction. Items will not be replaced if opened, used, or consumed.

Please don't hesitate to call us at 208-484-0124 or e-mail us at