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Redneck Smokehouse Box
Redneck Smokehouse Box

With venison, wild boar, and pheasant summer sausage, this box is a favorite. Made with the finest ingredients and containers with jokes written on them, this gift is sure to please. 

  • Jackalope Summer Sausage (real antelope and rabbit with beef added).
  • Antelope Summer Sausage (real antelope with beef added).
  • Wild Boar Summer Sausage (real wild boar with pork added) Note: Wild boar is only available in the fall and winter months. We will substitute elk summer sausage in the spring and summer.
  • Redneck Hunters Popcorn (camo colored, root beer float flavored popcorn) The only pop bigger than double ought shot. Crunch loud enough to bring in the big buck.
  • Raccoon Roadkill Bites (nutty buttery candy)Pealed right off the tire! Fried from the heat of the tail pipe!
  • Zippity-Do-Da Redneck. Mustard. Zips up fresh roadkill. Conditions your whiskers for after meal smuchin! Keeps the bugs out of your trailer. This hot mustard will put a swag in your sag