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    Redneck Gift Basket

    If you're looking for a chic or traditional gift basket with a humorous touch, this is for you. This basket is filled with all hand selected gourmet foods. All the products have jokes printed right on the containers. This gift basket is wrapped up with cellophane, ribbon, and real pine or eucalyptus.

    • Buckshot (jalapeno flavored popped wheat). More kick than a 10 gauge, and hot enough to start the ol' lady's engine.
    • "Fartless" Chili Makin's. Are you a chili lover who suffers from the unsociable side effects of eating good chili? Than try my Fartless recipe, it just might help. But if it doesn't, what the heck, may all yours be quiet little ones.
    • Redneck Hot Spears (Pickled Asparagus).Important Notice: Green Foods are now safe to eat according to the Redneck Food Consumption Commission. Some side affect may occur. WARNING; May cause your urine to glow. Your breath may smell better than your farts.
    • Raccoon Roadkill Bites (buttery, nutty candy).Pealed right off the tire! Fried from the heat of the tail pipe.
    • Growling Bear hot Barbecue Sauce. IT BITES! Hotter than a grizzlies breath on the back of your neck. So hot - It starts cooking your meat when you put it on.
    • Redneck Hunters Popcorn (camo colored root beer flavored popcorn).The only pop bigger than double ought shot! Crunch loud enough to bring in the big buck.
    • Redneck Sweet Lips Cinnamon Roasted Almonds (The sweetest nuts she'll ever taste)