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Uncle Dick
Uncle Dick

This gift basket is filled with the best of the best, including Uncle Dick Red Brutt Sparkling Shiraz Wine. The legendary Redneck, Uncle Dick lived his life like every day was a celebration. Perfect for any occasion, this gift is sure to please.

  • Uncle Dick Red Brutt Sparkling Shiraz Wine (excellent!)
  • Pheasant Summer Sausage
  • Buffalo Summer Sausage
  • Venison Summer Sausage
  • Doctor Redneck HorseRASH Sauce (Horseradish sause).Prescription: Take twice daily. Spread on any wild game. Some side affects may occur: Flared nostrils and bulging eye balls. Twice a day keeps the vet away. Relieves Toe-ly-oosis, Ass-Whoopin Syndrome, and Itchy Wang-Wang!
  • Raccoon Roadkill Bites (buttery, nutty candy) (Pealed right off the tire! Fried from the heat of the tail pipe)
  • Redneck Hunter's Popcorn (camo colored and root-beer flavored) The only pop bigger than double ought shot. Crunch loud enough to bring in the big buck)
  • Fire In The Hole Salsa (Danger: Explosive when consumed! Smoking in outhouse not recommended!)
  • Tortilla Chips