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    Uncle Dick

    This gift basket is filled with the best of the best, including Redneck tool kit. The legendary Redneck, Uncle Dick lived his life like every day was a celebration. Perfect for any occasion, this gift is sure to please.

    • 2 Idaho IPA (excellent!)
    • Pheasant Summer Sausage
    • Buffalo Summer Sausage
    • Venison Summer Sausage
    • Zippidy Do Da Mustard
    • Raccoon Roadkill Bites (buttery, nutty candy) (Pealed right off the tire! Fried from the heat of the tail pipe)
    • Redneck Hunter's Popcorn (camo colored and root-beer flavored) The only pop bigger than double ought shot. Crunch loud enough to bring in the big buck)
    • Fire In The Hole Salsa (Danger: Explosive when consumed! Smoking in outhouse not recommended!)
    • Redneck Hot Apears
    • Wild Boar BBQ Sauce
    • Cutting board and cheese knife