The Works Idaho Style


The Works Idaho Style

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Make an impression with this very large (14" x 15")  brown faux leather tote piled high with delicious foods representing our great State of Idaho.  From sweet to savory, this assortment will treat a large group, from offices to families, and the re-usable beautiful tote is a handy accessory for any home or office. We will decorate for the occasion with a large handmade bow and natural greenery.    We can substitute wine for the huckleberry lemonade. Just specify in our special instructions section.

  • Wildberry Huckleberry Lemonade 1 Liter*
  • Natural Alaskan Smoked Salmon in a gift box
  • Sun Valley Pretzel Chips*
  • Treasure Valley Los Pastores Salsa*
  • Large Box of Assorted Chocolates*
  • Chocolate Cherry Supremes* from Idaho Candy Company
  • Dark Chocolate Dipped Apples* from Daisy's Confectionery in Twin Falls, ID
  • Large Black Canyon Gourmet Carmel Popcorn*
  • Jalapeno Popped Wheat*
  • Moose Crunch* from Weiser Classic Candy (Nutty, Buttery Candy)
  • Cinnamon Roasted Almonds*
  • The City Peanut Shop's Maple Sugar Pecans*
  • Chipotle Peanuts*
  • Pecan Brittle*
  • Hunters Reserve Elk Summer Sausage
  • Hunters Reserve Venison Summer Sausage
  • Boise's Famous Mom's Fine Gold Mustard*

[Contains chocolate, user overnight shipping during hot weather]

Use Overnight Shipping for Quality Assurance in the Hot Summer Months. We can substitute the chocolate for another product and ship it UPS ground. Please let us know.

Every basket, box or container is artfully wrapped and adorned, when applicable, with a color-coordinated hand-tied bow doubled with tulle and raffia. We only use recycled packing, fillers, and crinkle-cut paper and upcycle as often as possible. Seasonal products and supplies are subject to availability.  If necessary, we reserve the right to substitute like items without notice. *made in Idaho. 

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