Redneck Huntin' Camp Supply Box


Redneck Huntin' Camp Supply Box

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This box has essential supplies for any redneck huntin' camp. Good stuff for snackin, cooking' and laughin', just in case the huntin' ain't that great.  This box will put a smile on any face.

  • Fartless Chili Makins'
  • Wild Boar Summer Sausage (real wild boar with pork added) Note: Wild boar is only available in the fall and winter months. We will substitute elk summer sausage in the spring and summer.
  • Zippity-Do-Da Redneck Mustard.  Zips up fresh roadkill. Conditions your whiskers for after meal smuchin! Keeps the bugs out of your trailer. This hot mustard will put a swag in your sag!
  • Growling Bear Hot Barbecue Sauce.  IT BITES! Hotter than a grizzlies breath on the back of your neck. So hot - It starts cooking your meat when you put it on.
  • Redneck Hunter's Popcorn (camo colored and root-beer flavored).  The only pop bigger than double ought shot. Crunch loud enough to bring in the big buck.
  • Buckshot (jalapeno flavored popped wheat).  More kick than a 10 gauge, and hot enough to start the ol' lady's engine.
  • Redneck Cord of Wood
  • Redneck Flashlight

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