Northwest Waters Burlap Gift Tin


Northwest Waters Burlap Gift Tin

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Five species of Pacific salmon thrive in the North Pacific waters of the US and Canada: chinook (also called king), coho, pink, sockeye, and chum salmon

In Idaho, anglers eagerly wait and plan their vacations around the Chinook salmon’s annual return. Chinook Salmon are one of the more popular sport fish across the western states due to their large size, hard fighting ability, and excellent table fare.  (read more about Idaho's chinook

Sockeye travel the furthest of all Idaho salmon, swimming more than 900 miles and climbing more than 6,500 feet in elevation to their home waters in the Sawtooth Valley. (read more about Idaho's sockeye

The burlap handled small fisherman's tin is filled with a bounty of flavors from Pacific waters and Inland Northwest wheat fields. 

What's inside matters:

  • Idaho Jalapeno Popped Wheat**
  • Naturally Wild Smoked Salmon**
  • Alaska Smokehouse Pepper Garlic Salmon Spread**
  • Cherrington Water Crackers
  • Pacific Northwest Creamy Salmon Dip**
  • Mom's Mustard from Caldwell, ID**
  • Weiser Classic Candy Chocolate Covered Tuxedo Pretzel**
  • Dark Chocolate Barrel Aged Bourbon Caramels


** Proudly recognizes product from Idaho and Pacific Northwest.

Each gift basket, box, container and crate are artfully wrapped and adorned, when applicable, with a color-coordinated hand tied bow doubled with tulle and raffia.  We use bio-degradable recycled packaging, fillers and crinkle cut paper and up-cycle as often as possible.

Seasonal items, regional period manufactured goods and some supplies occasionally are subject to availability from local suppliers. *One or two alternative replacements may be necessary due to product availability.  Creative Gift Baskets reserves the right to change-out product for like items, only when necessary, without notification.

It's advised to use overnight shipping for quality assurance in the hot summer months or we can substitute the chocolate for another product for you and ship it UPS ground. If you are unsure, or need assistance, please let us know by calling to ensure the options best for your gift. 


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