Humorous Beer Bucket


Humorous Beer Bucket

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This beer bucket will have you rolling on the floor. Perfect if you want to send laughter to the man in your life for a Birthday, and Anniversary or Fathers Day. Features local, Idaho Beers.

  • 2 Idaho Amber Ales  22oz. beer Crooked Fence Brewering Co
  • Hunters Popcorn (camo colored, root beer flavored)The only pop bigger that double ought shot
  • "Buckshot" Jalapeno Flavored Popped Wheat-More kick that a 10 gauge, and hot enough to start the Ole' Lady's Engine!
  • Redneck Hot Chipotle Peanuts-They'll have you snort'n and fart'n with delight.
  • Wild boar barbecue sauce
  • Dipping Pretzel Chips
  • Roadkill Summer Sausage
  • Redneck Mustard
  • Idaho Spud Bar

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