Golf Caddy Crate


Golf Caddy Crate

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"Be the ball!"  This reusable golf-themed crate is loaded with lots of Idaho goods and flavors.  It's a perfect way to WOW! your customer and seal the deal!  Or this a great way to show someone you care and tell them how much a great job they are doing!  Either way, this Golf Caddy Crate is your hole in one!

What's in your Golf Caddy Crate?

  • 2 delicious Grand Teton 208 Idaho Session Ales
  • Sun Valley Mustard
  • Sun Valley Pretzel Chips
  • City Peanut Snacks
  • Dilly's Pickled Asparagus Spears
  • Zacca Sea Salt Garbonzo Beans
  • Backcountry Bar
  • Cowgirl Chocolate Truffles from Moscow, Idaho
  • 2 Classic Idaho Candy Company Bars
  •  Idaho Huckleberry Taffy
  • Hunter Reserve Venison
  • Gourmet Cheddar Cheese Spread
  • A new golf buddy
  • A unique yet functional golf bag caddy cooler
  • A classic reusable wood crate
  • And we always use recycled filler packing material

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