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Drink Local 208

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In 1888, there were 33 different Breweries in the State of Idaho, the most breweries there have ever been in the state at one time prior to prohibition.  Although National Prohibition Started in 1919, Idaho started their own state wide prohibition in 1916 so there were no breweries in Idaho from 1916 to 1934.  Idaho was without any Breweries until Tim Batt started his Snake River Brewery in 1984.  The next brewery to open in Idaho was the Sun Valley Brewing Company. The current number of open breweries (today) is 75 with 6 more that opened in 2019.  

98 Breweries have opened in Idaho in the Modern Era with a projection of 100 (soon) by years end!  I'll drink to that!  http://mariah95.com/BEER/IdahoBreweries.htm

Your Drink Local 208 Beer Bucket contains:

  • Grand Teton Brewing 208 Session Ale - 100% IDAHO
  • Sun Valley Pretzels
  • City Peanut Shop Ridge to Rivers Trail Mix
  • The Almond Tree by local Dave Cinnamon Almonds
  • Hunters Reserve Summer Sausage
  • Dilly's local Pickled Veggies Spicy Asparagus
  • Gourmet Spreadable Cheese
  • Owyhee Candy Spud Bar
  • Pub Collection Chocolate Bar
  • "Beer is proof" Novelty Bottle Opener
  • 2 - 7oz Drink Local Tasting Glasses
  • 2 coasters

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