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The Works Idaho Style
The Works Idaho Style

Make an impression with this very large (14" x 15")  brown faux leather tote piled high with delicious foods representing our great State of Idaho.  From sweet to savory, this assortment will treat a large group, from offices to families, and the re-usable beautiful tote is a handy accessory for any home or office. We will decorate for the occasion with a large handmade bow and natural greenery.    We can substitute wine for the huckleberry lemonade. Just specify in our special instructions section.

  • Wildbeary Huckleberry Lemonade 1 Liter
  • Smoked Trout in a gift box
  • Sun Valley Pretzel Chips
  • Los Pastores Salsa
  • Large Box of Assorted Chocolates
  • Chocolate Cherry Supremes
  • Dark Chocolate Dipped Apples
  • Large Carmel Popcorn
  • Jalapeno Popped Wheat
  • Moose Crunch (Nutty, Buttery Candy)
  • Cinnamon Roasted Almonds
  • Maple Sugar Pecans
  • Chipotle Peanuts
  • Pecan Brittle
  • Elk Summer Sausage
  • Venison Summer Sausage
  • Mom's Fine Gold Mustard

[Contains chocolate, user overnight shipping during hot weather]

Use Overnight Shipping for Quality Assurance in the Hot Summer Months. We can substitute the chocolate for another product and ship it UPS ground. Please let us know.