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Redneck Tool Kit
Redneck Tool Kit

This "tool kit" is the perfect gift for...well, you know who they are! A real wood tote, a couple of 22-ounce beers, built-in opener and a roll of duct tape. Everything you need in one place, no electricity required-with a GENUINE Round-Tu-It included!

  • Crooked Fence Amber 22 oz beer
  • Edge IPA 22 oz beer
  • Roll of Duct Tape
  • Genuine Round-Tu-It

"You know I'm going to do it, I've told you that before. Just as soon as I'm not busy, so don't ask me anymore. When you're hounding me about it, I find it bothersome and rude. It can keep until tomorrow or until I'm in the mood. You must be patient now you see, and wait for me to do it. It's sure to be sooner or later, or when I get a round-tu-it."

Directions for Use:

1)Open Beer (Use the opener on the tool box, not yer teeth).

2) Drink Beer

3) Open duct tape (Teeth OK here)

4) Fix yer broken whatsit.

5) Repeat steps 1 and 2.