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Redneck Snack Box
Redneck Snack Box

We selected some of our favorites for this redneck snack collection. With jokes on the containers and products from our exclusive "Hillbilly Creek" collection, this gift is perfect for any occasion.

  • Redneck Hunters Popcorn (camo colored, and root beer float flavored popcorn).The only pop bigger than double ought shot. Crunch loud enough to bring in the big buck.
  • Giant Porcupine Pellets (almond toffee)(These Porcupine Pellets are a sure sign the giant spindly creatures are alive and roaming the woods)
  • White Trash (white-chocolate coated snack mix) A surprise in every bite!  Choice morsels hand-picked from only the best trash cans!  Our dumpster-divers are professionals.
  • Bloated Beaver Bites (S'mores Candy) These harvested succulent beaver bites are plump and sweet. We gather only the most scrumptious discarded droplets from the forest floor.
  • Redneck Hot Chipotle Peanuts Nut bust'n, dick rais'n, belly scratch'n...They'll have you snort'n and fart'n with delight!
  • Redneck Sweet Lips Cinnamon Roasted Almonds. The sweetest nuts she'll ever taste! Get your dentures glued in tight cuz you'll want to crunch'm all night long.