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Redneck Birdy Loo
Redneck Birdy Loo

An outhouse birdhouse is the theme of this delightful Redneck gift. The birdhouse door opens, and it contains a hanger. It's loaded with humorous gourmet Redneck delights. Tied up with ribbon and real pine, this gift is irresistible.

  • Bigfoot Scat -Proof of Existence! (Buttery, nutty candy)
  • Buckshot (jalapeno flavored popped wheat).  More kick than a 10 gauge, and hot enough to start the ol' lady's engine.
  • White Trash (white-chocolate coated snack mix) A surprise in every bite!  Choice morsels hand-picked from only the best trash cans!  Our dumpster-divers are professionals.
  • Wild Boar Barbeque Sauce.   Puts the charge in your barbecue! Sue-eeee! This stuff will have you squealing in delight.
  • Doctor Redneck HorseRASH Sauce (Horseradish sause). Prescription: Take twice daily. Spread on any wild game. Some side affects may occur: Flared nostrils and bulging eye balls. Twice a day keeps the vet away. Relieves Toe-ly-oosis, Ass-Whoopin Syndrome, and Itchy Wang-Wang!