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    Raccoon Roadkill

    This wood box includes a plush raccoon and goodies with jokes on the package. This is a great gift for a birthday, thank you, or holiday.

    • Raccoon Plush
    • Hunter's Popcorn
    • Raccoon Roadkill Bites (nutty buttery candy)(Pealed right off the tire! Fried from the heat of the tail pipe)
    • Giant Porcupine Pellets (almond toffee)(These Porcupine Pellets are a sure sign the giant spindly creatures are alive and roaming the woods)
    • Fire In The Hole Salsa (Danger: Explosive when consumed! Smoking in outhouse is not recommended)
    • Redneck Hot Chipotle Peanuts. Nut bust'n, dick rais'n, belly scratch'n...They'll have you snort'n and fart'n with delight!
    • Redneck Sweet Lips Cinnamon Roasted Almonds. The sweetest nuts she'll ever taste! Get your dentures glued in tight cuz you'll want to crunch'm all night long.
    • Buckshot (jalapeno flavored popped wheat snack)(More kick than a 10 gage, and hot enough to start the old lady's engine)