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Arrogant Bastard
Arrogant Bastard

This gift box is all about laughter to that special person!!.

  • Arrogant Bastard Ale (Not for sniveling Yellow-Beer-Drinkin' Wimps)
  • Buckshot (jalapeno flavored popped wheat snack)(More kick than a 10 gage, and hot enough to start the old lady's engine!)
  • Fire in the Hole Salsa (Danger: Explosive when consumed! Smoking in the outhouse is not recommended!)
  • Buffalo Bills Tortilla Chips
  • Elk Sticks (closest you'll come to wild game)
  • Bullshit Bag: HAZARDOUS WASTE! BULLSHIT BAG Keeps B.S. from spreading

1. Place mouth over open bag.
2. Begin "talking." The B.S. will naturally flow.
3. When full, shut bag and dispose. Makes great fertilizer. Spread around political rallies, hunting and fishing camps, and lawyers offices. 
1. Wear high top boots when using.
2. Use shovel in case of overflow. If backhoe needed, say your prayers. 
Note: Overuse may enhance the ability of natural bullshitters. 
Keep away from children. This product stimulates the flow of B.S. Be careful when giving it to someone already full of it - especially politicians, fishermen, hunters, in-laws, and lawyers!