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Redneck Tackle Box
Redneck Tackle Box

The theme of this gift pail is perfect for the fisherman in your life. Don't let them go fishing without this humorous Redneck Tackle Box.

  • "Big Bad Bubba's Bait Biz" Redneck Fishing Pellets (Jalapeno Flavored Popped Wheat).Pop them in your mouth and go fishing. Grab a cold one cuz your lips'll start on fire. After a few, you ain't gunna care about fishing. WARNING: Wash hands before pee'n!
  • Fish Bait (gummy worms in bait container).
  • American Cheese (fish shape)
  • Redneck Fishing Lure (real working lure made from a bottle cap).
  • Fisherman's Bullshit Bag. Keeps BS from Spreading. Directions: 1) Place mouth over open bag. 2) Begin "talkin." The BS will naturally flow. 3) When full, shut bag and dispose. Makes great fertilizer. Spread around political rallies, hunting and fishing camps, and lawyers offices.

[Contains chocolate, user overnight shipping during hot weather]