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Redneck Humorous Beer Bucket
Redneck Humorous Beer Bucket

This beer bucket will have you rolling on the floor. Perfect if you want to send laughter to the man in your life for a Birthday, and Anniversary, Christmas or Fathers Day.

  • 2 Edge IPA 22 oz Edge Brewing Co
  • 2 Idaho Ambers 22 oz Crooked Fence Brewing Co
  • Hunters Popcorn (camo colored, root beer flavored)
  • "Buckshot" Jalapeno Flavored Popped Wheat. More kick that a 10 gauge, and hot enough to start the Ole' Lady's Engine!
  • Redneck Hot Chipotle Peanuts. They'll have you snort'n and fart'n with delight.
  • "Fire In The Hole" Salsa
  • Sun Valley Pretzel Chips
  • Roadkill Summer Sausage
  • Mustard
  • Idaho Spud Bar