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    Redneck Survival Kit

    This humorous gift pail is geared toward the Redneck outdoors man, hunter, or just needing to survive in the world. That special someone will appreciate one of our funniest gift pails.

    • "Buckshot" Jalapeno Flavored Popped Wheat.More kick than a 10 gauge, and hot enough to start the ole ladies engine.
    • Redneck Hunters Popcorn (camo colored, root beer float flavored popcorn)The only pop bigger than double ought shot. Crunch loud enough to bring in the big buck.
    • Genuine Redneck Dehydrated Water (empty bag with directions for use)Directions: 1) Open bag, 2) Fill bag with only Genuine Water, 3) Stir contents well, 4) Drink, 5) For additional servings, repeat steps 1 thru 4.
    • Cord of Wood (wood on a cord. Remember the heavy steel wedge and the big hammer to smack it. How one was split you still had to stack it. No more, Praise the Lord, because all the pieces are small. It's still a full cord and takes up no room at all.
    • Redneck Flashlight (wood with a match attached, also comes with an extra bulb). When it gets dark and you're losing your sight. You can see where you're going with this Redneck Flashlight. It's got a bulb on one end right were it should be. And if it burns out, changing it is easy. Just pull out the old bulb and throw it away. Then push in a new one until you're sure it will stay.
    • Bullshit Bag. Hazardous Waste! Keeps BS From Spreading. Directions: 1) Place mouth over open bag. 2) Begin "talking." The BS will naturally flow. 3) When full, shut bag and dispose. Makes great fertilizer. Spread around political rallies, hunting and fishing camps, and lawyers offices.