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    Creative Gift Baskets from Boise Idaho
    Premium gift basket company that offers the finest made in Idaho gourmet
    products. We offer all occasion gift baskets, humorous hunting and fishing
    products, corporate baskets, unique designs, and embellish our gifts with real
    pine, eucalyptus, and natural sticks.

Redneck Gift Baskets

What is a redneck?

* redneck |ÈredÌnek|
nounN. Amer. informal, derogatory
a working-class white person, especially a politically reactionary one from a rural area: rednecks in the high, cheap seats stomped their feet and hooted | [ as modifier ] : a place of redneck biases.
rednecked adjective
ORIGIN from the back of the neck being sunburned from outdoor work.

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